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Globalpex supports organizations of all sizes and types in their efforts to more effectively manage critical business communications content.

Our solutions give businesses the means to improve their overall efficiency through content certification, greater control of communications, and targeted cost savings.

We recognize that decisions about technology investments are among the most important that any business makes. Because our service delivery model is based on Software as a Service, our customers simply need to have a computer with Internet access to begin benefiting immediately from our services.

With Globalpex, there are no servers or software to buy and no maintenance fees or long-term contracts required in our pricing plan. Users access our services through an intuitive Web-based portal, so there are no training costs to absorb either.

Simply put, organizations pay for what they use and no more.

 Content Certification ~ Prove what was sent

First and foremost, Globalpex certifies content. Consider this fact: Over 15 million civil lawsuits are filed or reactivated in the U.S. each year, with more than one in four of them involving real property or contract disputes.

Content certification offers a way to protect against unfounded claims. The ability to prove what was conveyed, to whom, and when, protects both the sender and the recipient from faulty memory or more insidious fraudulent activity.

With its patented content certification technology, Globalpex is the only company in the world that provides “proof of content” for documents sent via the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and DHL (for international shipments).

 Greater Control of Communications

Globalpex services offer management greater visibility into the use -- and potential misuse -- of organizational communications tools. Reports available through our Web-based Centralized Mail and Messaging Console (CMMC) show frequency and type of communication, by user.

Productivity concerns regarding IM, for example, are easily documented and addressed using the Globalpex Certified IM service. Because IM traffic is automatically retained and visible to management, if there is improper activity, the necessary action can be taken quickly.

A hard-copy contract processed through the Globalpex Content Certified Physical Mail service also produces an electronic document. This file can then be retained according to the user-defined retention schedules Globalpex provides. Once in our retention system, the document is easily searchable and able to be readily produced if needed, for example, to resolve a contract dispute.

The SafeLynx™ E-Mail service provides an ideal solution for organizations that are required to retain electronic correspondence for compliance. Saving every outgoing e-mail, no matter how trivial, is not in the best interests of the company from a resource standpoint. By using Globalpex's SafeLynx™ for those communiqués that must be retained, organizations automatically have those messages saved. Customizable retention schedules make it easy to properly classify retained content, while key word searches enable prompt response to inquiries for legal or audit reasons.

 Cost Savings

Globalpex content certification certainly reduces an organization’s exposure to costly litigation and simplifies regulatory compliance. But beyond this, our services can also help lower office communications costs.

Cost savings available through Globalpex services include:

1. Very attractive rates for expedited mail service, achieved by partnering with brand-name providers.

2. Reductions in inappropriate use of mailroom resources, since all expedited mail requests must go through the centralized console and are easily visible to management. Conversely, if an organization wants to offer its staff the company discount, Globalpex makes it easy for authorized personnel to securely charge a shipment to a personal credit card.

3. Low-cost, enterprise-grade IM service with no user license fees or extra hardware or software to buy.

Savings are also possible through the integration of Globalpex services with existing platforms for content management and resource planning. Please contact us for more information on integration support.

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