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  Store It ~ Globalpex Document Management

Globalpex Document Management is a secure Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It offers unparalleled integration of both content at rest, such as reports and customer files, and content in motion, such as invoices and statements in transit.

All documents can be printed and mailed and Globalpex is the only company in the world that records and retains a post print image of documents sent via the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and DHL (for international shipments). This allows for unified management of all content whether at rest or in motion.

  Scan It

One of the first steps in capturing unstructured content is converting it to a recognizable format and entering it into the Document Management system. Globalpex provides a number of ways to take your paper and electronic records and transfer them to the Document Management repository. Whether the information is in your file cabinet or on your hard drive, Globalpex can help you organize the data and gain control over the process.

With Globalpex, you can even capture inbound mail, converting it to digital format and delivering it through the Document Management system.

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  Send It

Globalpex offers a variety of tools to send your documents to colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others. You can send mail directly from your computer via the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. You can also use Globalpex to send important documents electronically through our SafeLynx™ E-Mail service.

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No matter what the mode of communication, you can rest assured that any correspondence sent through the Globalpex system will be tracked from start to finish with complete visibility for the sender.

 Share It

Globalpex SaaS based Document Management makes it easy to share files and collaborate with colleagues both within and outside of the organization. Users simply create folders for shared documents and select the group of individuals who will have access.

This quick set up procedure enables everyone in the group to add files, make revisions and deletions, and collaborate with real-time instant messaging.

Unlike traditional Windows file server shares, with Globalpex everything occurs over an encrypted internet connection, so there is no need for group members to be on the same network. Using the Sync application, users can add files to a shared folder and have them propagate to the desktops of everyone else in the group.

There is no need to worry about sending huge e-mail attachments – just place it in the shared folder and the file is automatically copied to each user’s desktop.

 Sync It

Globalpex makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page. The Globalpex Sync tool is a lightweight Windows application that keeps your desktop files synchronized with those in your Globalpex account.

The sync process takes place in the background, automatically “backing up” desktop files on the Globalpex cloud. The sync tool also monitors file activity.

When changes are made to a document, the new version is copied and saved in the Globalpex cloud. Users can check the revision history to see who has made changes to the file and when. They can also roll back to any previous version as needed.

 Inbound Mail Automator

Globalpex Inbound Mail Automator reduces time spent sorting, delivering, and routing incoming mail. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, received items are scanned, automatically sorted, and instantly delivered to the recipient’s digital mail box.

The system is web-based, so users can access their mail through an encrypted internet connection from anywhere in the world. Inbound Mail Automator is ideal for companies with multiple locations and employees who frequently travel.

 Outbound Mail Automator

Globalpex Outbound Mail Automator streamlines the send process for single and large volume mailings by automatically converting output mail files to PDF format using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The program then intelligently identifies the recipient’s address.

Next, Globalpex prints, inserts, and ships mailings from its secure regional service centers according to user preferences. Management maintains complete control throughout the process and can track mailings from start to finish.

 File Archiver

Globalpex File Archiver makes it easy to digitize paper files and organize information. Scanned files are converted to a recognizable text format using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and inputted directly into the secure web-based repository. Files are then indexed and tagged for instant retrieval and key-word searching.

File Archiver frees up valuable floor space currently occupied by file cabinets. It also simplifies and expedites the process of locating important documents.

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