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Privacy Policy

Globalpex Inc, is committed to protecting the privacy of its business and residential customers. To that end, Globalpex utilizes and maintains strict policies and highly secure technologies to safeguard our customer’s personally identifiable and sensitive information from unauthorized access. The following privacy policy applies to all Globalpex Services and Web Services, including and not limited to individual registration and transactions from which such private and/or sensitive information may be provided to Globalpex.

Information We Collect
During the registration process and routine use of Globalpex’s services, Globalpex will collect personally identifiable information from its customers which may include: name, address, company information, telephone number(s), e-mail address, a record of on-line activities/transactions, electronic files submitted to production, Internet Protocol address (IP), browser information, and express mail tracking information. Such information will be used by Globalpex solely for the purposes of transaction processing/billing, customer service support, service enhancements/improvements, and may be used to solicit customer feedback. Globalpex, Inc will not sell, release, distribute, or rent any sensitive or personally identifiable information obtained through the Globalpex Website or Globalpex Services to any third parties without the prior consent of the customer except as required by law.

Correcting or Updating User Information
Globalpex provide its customers with the ability to modify personally identifiable information through the "Edit Profile" feature within the "Management Tools" section.

Globalpex utilizes advanced security features and technologies to prevent unauthorized access to customer’s files and information. Customer files and personally identifiable and sensitive information are password protected, encrypted, and stored within Globalpex's databases. Access to Globalpex’s databases is restricted to authorized personnel only. The Globalpex production facilities are monitored through surveillance cameras and all access entryways are secured via magnetic locking devices which require encoded badges.

While usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information, from time to time Globalpex may store data on the customer’s hard drive which will contain basic information about the customer and visited web pages. Information obtained through the use of cookies will be used to anonymously track the interests of our customers, for the purposes of enhancing the customer’s user experience.

Changes to the Globalpex Privacy Policy
Globalpex may amend this policy from time to time. Although Globalpex will notify its customers of any substantial changes to this policy, our customers are encouraged to periodically review this policy by clicking on the appropriate link within our website.

Please feel free to direct your questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy by writing to us at
Privacy Concerns
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