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Globalpex Instant Messaging Center

Globalpex Instant Messaging Center (IMC) offers a real-time, user-friendly, web-based conversation tool within the Centralized Mail and Messaging Console (CMMC).

The messaging capability is embedded in the application, so there are no downloads and users do not need to open a separate dialog box to communicate. Colleagues can discuss sensitive content with coworkers in a secure and controlled environment at any time, as needed.

Globalpex IMC offers many of the compliance and security features of enterprise-grade messaging systems, without the installation and maintenance costs. All communications traffic is automatically retained, so management and other authorized users can search and review discussions between individuals or groups to confirm what was said, when, and by whom.

Globalpex IMC is free to use as part of your Globalpex account. As with all Globalpex services, the retention schedule is fully customizable by the user.

Globalpex offers a variety of pricing options for the content certification services we offer. For more information on pricing plans, click here.
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