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Content Certified Communications Enhance Productivity, Reduce Costs, and Aid in Compliance

The regulatory environment has shifted dramatically over the past several years. Public as well as private firms and non-profits must comply with more stringent retention, tracking and monitoring requirements. At the same time, corporate policies must also contend with privacy issues as well as disclosure and security needs. Organizations are increasingly being called upon to produce, within a short time window, the details of what their individual employees are communicating, including specific content, timing and recipient information.

The majority of recent regulations have one thing in common: they require stricter organizational governance and internal controls over the release and retention of individual, financial and organizational information.

Violations of applicable regulations can expose companies to significant liability.

Globalpex offers tools that help companies minimize exposure to these liabilities by automating and managing correspondence through the Centralized Mail and Messaging Console (CMMC).

Benefits of Globalpex Retention Capabilities

  1. Prevents altering, and/or the deletion of externally-sent correspondence by recording a complete account of the communication and retaining it according to established retention standards.

  2. Incorporates advanced document integrity, security, and address verification features for physically mailed items to ensure the delivery of protected and confidential information to the intended recipient.

  3. Retains complete records of sent correspondence within a highly secure and controlled environment with multiple redundancies and advanced encryption procedures.

  4. Provides immediate communications retrieval with all supporting tracking information using keyword search and reporting features.

  5. Facilitates internal auditing of employee usage, which allows greater scrutiny of employee activities, external communications, and mailing costs.

  6. Provides a cost-effective solution since organizations do not have to make additional technology investments to use the Globalpex retention system – all that’s required is a computer with Internet access.

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