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Globalpex SafeLynx™ E-Mail

Standard e-mail has serious limitations in terms of security and its inability to provide a verifiable record of content, transmission, and receipt.

For important and sensitive e-mail messages -- and the attached files they may contain -- standard e-mail is insufficient to provide needed assurance or mandated protection of personal data.

In addition, many organizations may be required to retain certain e-mail communications to meet regulatory requirements. A company that lacks an effective management system may choose to keep every outgoing e-mail, which adds unnecessary cost and management burdens.

Globalpex SafeLynx™ E-Mail provides the solution to these challenges. By having your company adopt our SafeLynx™ service, you make sure the organization captures those critical pieces of correspondence that are needed to verify content or for regulatory reasons. Our service retains original message, for however long management specifies. At the end of the retention period, the message is automatically deleted.

Globalpex also offers a plugin that enables you to send SafeLynx™ E-Mails directly from Outlook with just the click of a mouse

Here’s how it works:

To compose a SafeLynx™ message, users launch the SafeLynx™ service through the Centralized Mail and Messaging Console (CMMC) interface or directly from Outlook using a free plugin supplied by Globalpex. Once the message is complete and the user clicks “send,” a password protected retrieval link is e-mailed to the recipient(s). By accessing that link, the recipient is able to view the SafeLynx™ message in a secure environment.

The entire process is tracked and can be reviewed by the sender at any time to determine status. Server and read receipts confirm the message has been received and opened, logging both date and time, as well as IP address.

This provides complete visibility and tracking throughout the entire process, confirming that the SafeLynx™ message was sent, received, and viewed

Because the actual, unalterable SafeLynx™ message is retained on the Globalpex server according to user-defined timetables, you can easily confirm exactly what was sent as well as when, referring to the captured timestamp data. Your stored SafeLynx™ messages are easily key word searchable so you can respond promptly to any legal or audit requests to view the message contents.

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