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Globalpex Content Certified Physical Mail

Notaries can verify the authenticity of signatures. The US Postal Service can confirm an envelope has been mailed. Various carriers will register the receipt of an envelope by obtaining a delivery signature. Currently, however, no company, carrier or government agency will certify the content of a physically mailed item.

To answer this unmet need, Globalpex developed our Content Certified Physical Mail service. Using the free Globalpex print driver, any file that can be printed can be content certified.

The service uses a proprietary, patented process to certify and retain the content of mailed items. Beyond simply proving that an envelope was sent and received, Globalpex offers third-party confirmation of exactly what was sent, to whom, and when. As part of the service, users also have the option to send recipients a complimentary electronic version of the document as part of the process to provide additional confirmation of receipt and display.

Our automated service is intuitive and easy to use. Documents are uploaded to the Globalpex service by logging into the Centralized Mail and Messaging Console (CMMC) from any computer with Internet access. The document to be sent is automatically barcoded, printed,and inserted, hands-free, in its envelope at the Globalpex production facility.

The uploaded content is tracked every step of the way - from printing to stuffing. In addition to state-of-the-art printing and packaging technology, the company’s production center features video-camera surveillance and controlled access to ensure the integrity of the process. The digital image is also securely retained for future reference and retrieval as needed.

Globalpex Content Certified Physical Mail is compatible with DHL, FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service, adding flexibility to specify how the content certified envelope will be shipped.

Globalpex services are designed to integrate with existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, allowing companies to add physical mail to their managed electronic content. Contact us for more information on integration.

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