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How Can I Use Globalpex ® ?

Organizations of all sizes, whether public or private, and no matter their expertise, share common challenges when it comes to tracking correspondence and verifying the content of critical business communications.

Below are a number of scenarios that describe how Globalpex services can help address these challenges.

 Content Certified Physical Mail:  When you Need to be Sure

Legal Documents:
Contracts, Agreements, Notices

A 30-page lease is signed and sent for countersignature. The recipient alters and replaces page 7 without indicating any changes were made, and then signs and returns the document to the originator. Should a legal dispute arise over the contract validity, there is currently no way for the originator to prove which version of page 7 is valid if he or she accepted the returned document as valid without noticing the change.

Globalpex Content Certified Physical Mail creates a digital, barcoded image of each page of the original document, and retains it according to the sender’s direction.

Insurance Claim Submissions

A patient’s medical procedure was not covered because the insurance company claimed required forms that were mailed in by the patient were not properly completed. There is currently no way to prove what was actually sent.

Had the patient used the Globalpex service, the electronic record would have had an exact replica of the completed form that was sent.

Grant Requests

A non-profit agency submits a grant proposal by the deadline, only to be told that just one copy was received, not the requisite three. The non-profit agency has no way to prove otherwise, and is denied the opportunity to be considered.

Traditional certified mail only verifies that an envelope was sent, but it does not provide proof of what was in the envelope.

With Globalpex, the retained electronic file of what was sent would have shown that three copies were included in the expedited mail envelope.

 SafeLynx™ E-mail:  The Ideal Combination of Trust and Convenience

Project Bidding

A project manager is responsible for putting a new job out to bid. He will be sharing large bid related files and blueprints with contractors hoping to secure the job. The files are too large to be sent via standard email and the project manager wants to be able to track which contractors have received the bid packet and when they responded to it. To save on paper costs, the department issuing the bid wants to limit the number of physically printed materials and would like to mandate that all bids be submitted electronically.

With Globalpex SafeLynx™ E-Mail, the project manager can easily share these files without worrying about the email size or filter limitations. The project manager will also have direct visibility into who has accessed the secure links and when. Mandating that all proposals be submitted via SafeLynx™ E-Mail, the department issuing the request for proposals can track all of the responses while minimizing paper use and print/mailing costs.

Purchase Orders and Invoices

An electronic invoice is sent via e-mail, but the customer claims not to have received it.

With SafeLynx™ Email the sender can easily search for the electronic invoice to determine when it was sent and track when the secure link was accessed.

 Instant Messaging Center:  It Remembers for You

International Corporations

The CEO of a global company with operations around the world sees the benefits of IM for collaboration and keeping her diverse workforce connected. However, server-based systems are expensive and her IT department doesn’t like the exposure of open internet based systems. She’s also concerned about the potential for disclosure of sensitive data or time loss from non-business related chats.

Globalpex Instant Messenger Center (IMC) encourages the right behaviors as it includes monitoring and management tools that minimize these risks. It is also a hosted solution, so installation costs and maintenance requirements are negligible.

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