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Barcode Integrity

Each document sent to the Globalpex production center for processing, shipping and retention is automatically issued a 2D (2-dimensional) barcode. This barely noticeable barcode is imprinted on each page of the relevant document. It is later used to track each page and ensure the highest level of document integrity, from the moment it is printed to the time of its delivery to the designated recipient.

The 2D barcode for each document will reference, among other details, the following:

  1. An image of the post-printed document
  2. The identity of the document’s sender
  3. The identity of the document’s intended recipient, including shipping and tracking information
  4. Date and time the document was received
  5. Date and time the document was printed and prepared for shipping
  6. The name of the document and the total number of pages
  7. The document retention schedule
  8. The carrier as well as selected service level
All data relevant to the original electronic document will be stored in the sender’s file in our highly secure data storage facility. The stored data may be used to establish the sender’s identity, prove exactly what was sent, verify when it was sent, and confirm when it was received.

Globalpex takes document integrity, retention, tracking, and verifiability very seriously. To provide the most technologically advanced services, we have incorporated the 2D barcode to guarantee our ability to track and retain a multitude of document-related information and ensure barcode readability even if the symbol itself is damaged.

Globalpex prides itself on using the latest, cutting-edge technologies to protect and ensure the safety of your data.
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